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Pedigree® Adult Dog & Puppy Food and Treats

Here you can learn more about our products, from our 100% complete wet and dry food to our tasty treats and oral care products.

Why Dry food is popular for dog parents?

  • Convenience to find, feed and keep.
  • Chewing dry kibble helps to keep your pet's teeth healthy by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Dry food offers the necessary chew and crunch that dogs have craved since their primal pack days to relieve a stress.
  • More pocket friendly comparing to wet food.

Key Benefit & Nutritious Value

  • Pedigree ® dry dog food recipes are co-developed with the experts at the WALTHAM™ Centre for Pet Nutrition to provide great quality and nutritious food that your dog will love. Pedigree® is supported by pet-focused research that delivers scientific breakthroughs in the areas of pet nutrition, health, and well-being.
  • Contain Antioxidant with complete and balance nutrition supporting a healthy immune system.
  • Comprehensive recipes to cover key life stages and all breeds of dogs.

Dog Dry Food Feeding Guide:

Regular feeding after 1 st time trial

Introduce your dog to Pedigree dog food gradually.

Day 1-2

Day 3-4

Day 5-6

Day 7

Current food (Rice, Roti, Milk, Egg. Chicken, Vegetables etc.)

Please ensure that fresh clean water is available at all times.

Mother & Baby Dry Dog Food, Puppy Dry Food

Your puppy is growing and he will begin to know the world by sniffing and biting everything around him, that’s why he needs a food that can nourish him and helps him grow healthy and protected. Pedigree® Puppy Dry Food Nutri Defense provides DHA, fiber and calcium that your puppy needs and helps him strengthen his immunity protection so he can grow healthy and happy.

There are 3 recipes for Pedigree® Puppy Dry Food:

  • Pedigree® Mother & Baby Dog:

    offers a very special kibbles which are soft and easy to digest for water absorption so it’s perfectly fit for puppies in weaning stage which they don’t have strong teeth.
  • Pedigree® Puppy Nutri Defense for all breeds:

    Pedigree® Puppy Nutri Defense for all breeds comes with Milky pockets which is tasty & crispy kibble that you puppy will love. It contains Zinc & Vitamin A to support healthy immune system, and also contains calcium & phosphorus to support strong bone & teeth.
  • Pedigree® Puppy Nutri Defense for small breed:

    Pedigree® Puppy Nutri Defense for small breed comes with small kibbles only 0.7 cm for your puppy’s tiny teeth and mouth.

PEDIGREE® Starter Mother and Babydog

PEDIGREE® Puppy Beef and Milk Flavour

PEDIGREE® Puppy Chicken, Egg and Milk Flavour

PEDIGREE® Puppy Small Breed Milk Flavour

Adult Dry Dog Food for Small Breed

Naturally, small dogs have smaller stomachs. This means that they may not have the capacity to eat a full recommended serving size of regular (bigger) kibbles. If they do not eat enough, they will not get the appropriate amount of nutrients and energy that they require to keep healthy. That’s why Pedigree® Mini was developed to have high density of nutrients and energy within small kibbles which you can assure that it’s perfectly fit with small dog’s needs and Pedigree® knows that small dogs tend to be picky as well so we offer Meaty pocket which is super tasty & crispy kibbles that they will love. These are why Pedigree® Mini is one of the best dry dog food for small breed.

Pedigree® Mini :

Pedigree® Mini is specially made for small dogs coming with the right size – small kibbles which is the best fit with their mouth, right taste – offer Meaty pocket which is super tasty & crispy kibbles that you dogs surely love and, right nutrition higher nutrient density to meet small dog’s needs

PEDIGREE® Dry Mini Beef, Lamb & Vegetables Flavour

PEDIGREE® Dry Mini Chicken, Liver & Vegetables Flavour

PEDIGREE® Dry Mini Grilled Liver Flavour

Adult Dry Dog Food for All Breeds

Pedigree® Dry Adult Dog Food:

Complete & balanced nutrition with 38 essential nutrients to support healthy immune system of your dogs.
In each life-stages & breeds, dogs have different needs. If you have medium or large dogs with 1 year+ age, Pedigree® Adult Dry Dog Food is the best fit recipe for them. It comes with 4 variety of choices that you can pick & choose – Beef & Vegetables Flavour, Lamb & Vegetables Flavour, Chicken & Vegetables Flavour and Liver & Vegetables Flavour.

PEDIGREE® Dry Adult Beef & Vegetables Flavour

PEDIGREE® Dry Adult Lamb & Vegatables Flavour

PEDIGREE® Dry Adult Chicken & Vegatables Flavour

PEDIGREE® Dog Food Dry Adult Liver and Vegetable Flavour

FAQs on Dry Dog Food

Yes. Dogs can be fed with Dry food only just you need to make sure 3 things. First, you select the right product base on their life stage. Second, you follow feeding guide recommendation that would provide right amount of food based on their body weight to ensure they won’t be over/under fed. Lastly, make sure if the product is completed and balance, meet all dog nutritional testing requirements of Association of American Feed Control Official (AFFCO) and National Academy of Science (NRC).

Pet foods vary considerably in their quality and adequacy. There are many factors to consider in the selection and choosing of pet foods. This is particularly important when a pet food is to be fed as a major part of a pet's diet. Some of the considerations include-

  • Is the food complete and balanced?
  • How palatable /digestible is the food?
  • How much does it cost to feed?
  • What is the reputation/credibility of the manufacturer? Do they have qualified and experienced experts and veterinary nutritionists. Do they have facilities to meet pet food standards? Are they easily approachable to get further information on pet food?
  • But perhaps the most important consideration in selecting a pet food is its nutrient content, not just the level of nutrients but also the digestibility and availability of nutrients. Labels provide some useful information in deciding the merits of the food, such as: Ingredient list, Analysis, Nutritional Adequacy statement, Energy density and Suggested feeding regimes. Currently regulations state that all pet food labels must contain the following: Product name Net weight, Name and address of the manufacturer, Guaranteed analysis for crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture, List of ingredients in descending order by weight (from maximum to minimum), A statement of nutritional adequacy or purpose of the product and the method that was used to substantiate the nutritional adequacy claim

As wet and dry dog foods have many differing benefits; we recommend feeing both wet food and dry food every day. Wet food is a great way to give your dog a hydration boost as it contains high moisture content which benefits to urinary tract and help to boost up your dogs appetize, while dry food is excellent in providing good dental health and chewing dry kibbles also help dogs to relieve stress.

Yes, it can mix in the same bowl to enhance tastiness as dog would enjoy 2 different texture; meaty texture from Wet and crunchy from Dry format while still get completed and balance nutrition, if following mix feeding guide recommendation on pack. However, ideally feeding if owner has no budget constraint, it is highly recommended to feel with dual format by separated meal; Morning with Dry format and Dinner with Wet format, as mixing in the same bowl even it is flavorful, but it will dilute benefit of cleaning teeth from crunchy texture that providing from Dry format.

Pedigree® Feeling Happy
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