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PEDIGREE® Dog Treats

Explore a range of PEDIGREE® Irresistible treats to express your love and for your dog to enjoy every day. From bonding to rewarding, we have a variety offering that your dog will surely love.

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Dog Treats are a fun way to bond with your dog, train them and generally look after their emotional wellbeing. Dogs are very smart animals and they love to play. In order to train your dog, you must first understand what motivates them. When training your dog, you should always reward good behavior. You can also use positive reinforcement when teaching your dog new tricks. Dog treats help you bond with your dog or puppy. You should always reward good behavior as it encourages your dog to grow and learn more.

Dog Treats Products Range By PEDIGREE®

PEDIGREE® Dog Treats offer a responsible way to do this and have been designed to cover a range of occasions when you might like to treat or train your dog with an irresistible taste and a variety offering in format and flavor. Try our delicious & nutritious best dog treats PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites, PEDIGREE® Meat Jerky and PEDIGREE® Rodeo. Best PEDIGREE® dog treats that your dog will love. Let’s Get them wagging.

PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites Dog Treats

Dogs love to be rewarded. PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites treats provide the irresistible taste and variety offering in different formats and flavours. The little bites are perfect to reward your dog or you can use them as dog training treats whenever you want.

  • PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes -

    Comes with soft and meaty texture which made from real meat and high-quality protein. There are 2 flavours – Beef flavour and Lamb flavour.
  • PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites Crunchy Pockets -

    Delightfully crunchy outside with tasty creamy inside and contain 15 essential nutrients. There are 2 flavours – Milk flavour and Chicken flavour.
  • PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites Chewy Bones -

    Contains low fat and comes with soft and chewy bone-shaped treat in beef flavour.

PEDIGREE® Meat Jerky Dog Treats

Let’s share moments of happiness and joy with your dog with PEDIGREE® Meat Jerky treats. The perfect combination of great tasting real meat and a soft chewy texture make this a special treat to share everyday. PEDIGREE® Meat Jerky dog treats comes with 2 popular formats which are strap and stick.

PEDIGREE® Rodeo Dog Treats

PEDIGREE® Rodeo treats are delicious treat with 2 meaty flavours in one twisty stick with vitamin A and low fat.

Key Benefits & Nutritious Value of Dog Treats

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  • Bonding:

    Dog treats will help to develop a good bond between the dog and his/her owner
  • Reward Training:

    It motivates your dog grow and learn more
  • Essential Nutrition:

    Provides extra nutrients to your dog in fun-loving way

How to feed PEDIGREE® Treats to your dog

  • Only 10% of your dog’s daily calories should come from dog treats. We recommend to following the feeding guide located on an individual back of the pack of PEDIGREE® Dog Treats.

FAQs on Dog Treats

Can I choose dog training treats from PEDIGREE®?

Yes, PEDIGREE® Dog Treats can be used as a reward for dog training session. Please refer to the feeding guide located on the back of the pack for a recommended quantity.

Can I feed PEDIGREE® Dog Treats as meal replacement to dog food dry or wet dog foods?

How is the texture of each format of PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites (Crunchy Pockets, Chewy Cubes, and Chewy Bones) different?

Does the bite size of PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites fit my dog?

Is PEDIGREE® Tasty Bites suitable for Puppies?

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