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From dental hygiene to dealing with colds, from good grooming to visiting the vet’s, this is where you can find out all about taking care of dog’s health.

Pedigree® Caring for My Dog's Teeth

Caring For My Dog's Teeth

Taking Care of Dog’s Teeth is important. Having a good dental care routine can effectively prevent plaque and tartar build up and can help maintain a good oral care health.
Pedigree® My Dog's Health

My Dog's Health

Find out everything you need to know about dog care.
Pedigree® Grooming & Parasites

Grooming & Parasites

Learn more on how to best tackle bath time, caring for your dog’s skin and coat, and how to prevent or eliminate parasites
Pedigree® Medical Care

Medical Care

Visiting a Vet can be a stressful time for your dog. Find out when you should visit, how to plan and how best to tackle it with your dog.

Apart from dog care tips above, having a proper feeding is essential in maintaining dog’s overall health. Dogs in different breeds, sizes, and life stages have different nutritional requirements. Find the product that perfectly fits your dog by visiting What Should I Feed My Dog and check out how to properly feed your dog with a complete and balance meal by visiting Feeding Guidelines to guide you in taking care your dog’s best.

FAQs of Dog Care

Dog care is the thing you should know to nourish your dog, make them happy and stay healthy. This should cover since well-selected quality dog food, taking care basic dog’s health, dental hygiene, and grooming for healthy skin & coat. You should also regularly take him to visit a vet to keep up the good health condition.

There are basic five-point check as a tip to taking care a dog you can do.

  • Check for your dog weight regularly, at least once per month to check if your dog weight is still healthy, slightly overweight, or underweight.
  • Check for the signs of fleas -black flakes or specks to maintain healthy coat and skin.
  • Gently pull down the lower eyelid to check for a pink colour. The whites of the eye should be glossy white with no redness. For their ears, it should be clean in a pink colour, free of debris and strong odors.
  • Open the dog's mouth to inspect all his teeth. Beware of tartar build-up, this should be removed by a veterinarian and chew snacks designed to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up like Pedigree® Dentastix®. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is also a great way to keep his gums and teeth healthier and fight gum disease
  • Check for unusual lumps or bumps by placing both hands on top of your dog's head and moving down under the chin. Next, move your hands behind the front legs, under the shoulders, down the back, over the hips, and down the legs. Inspect your dog's claws and footpads for cuts or cracks. Report unusual symptom to a veterinarian.

Like humans, Dogs also need a quality food with complete and balanced for their health development, water, good care, safe, explore the world and socialize especially bonding and interaction with dog’s owner. Therefore, dog need is not just a physical part, but also a mental part to make them live happily longer as well.

To make your dog happy, you can take him out for a walk, explore the world, play and make them fun with the new experience. Also, feeding them a delicious treat like Pedigree® Tasty Bites will help endorse his/her happiness since it is a rich way to train, showing care and love, pamper and reward them.

Pedigree® Dentastix®

With abrasive & chewy texture and active ingredients like Zinc Sulphate & STPP, Pedigree® DentaStix® helps reduce plaque and tartar build up to keep your dogs' teeth and gum healthy so they can be happy everyday.

Pedigree® Feeling Happy
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