Increase Dog's Immune System With High Protein

high protein and immunity

There’s nothing that can break a dog owner’s heart more than seeing their pet in pain. We all want to give them the best quality of life, and to do so, you need to start giving them the proper nutrition. This will improve the dog's immune system and maintain their overall health. Protein, an essential ingredient for them, is one of the keys to making sure dogs are always healthy.

To understand why, first we have to understand how proteins work. Protein, when broken down, becomes amino acids. Each amino acid plays a vital role in bodily functions as it supports enzymes and antibodies. Dogs need essential amino acids, with two of them helping increase the dog's immune system.

Protein and amino acids also increase what is called T-cell immune function. T-cells are white blood cells that play two roles: controlling immune reactions and participating in them. This signals the body to fight off harmful cells, giving dogs a more accurate and effective immune response.

That’s why it’s important to look for dog food that is able to offer a sufficient amount of protein to stay healthy, fit, and protected. PEDIGREE® Pro High Protein provides dogs with up to 50% more protein, which helps to improve the dog's immune system. Apart from that, the enriched nutrition formula also contains essential antioxidants that also strengthen the dog's immune system. It’s available for all breeds and all life stages in an irresistible lamb and chicken flavor.

Feeding your furbaby with PEDIGREE® Pro High Protein is the easiest way to help improve the dog's immune system. Find the right one for your dog now!

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