Is A High-Protein Diet Good For Your Dog

Is A High Protein Diet Good For Your Dogs

What do you look for when choosing food for your dog? While flavor is important in getting them to lick their bowls clean, the right amount of protein should also be a major consideration. This is because a high-protein diet for dogs provides the essential amino acids to boost cell production for leaner muscles, stronger immunity, and a smoother and shinier coat. But not all protein is the same.

When it comes to choosing the best high-protein diet for dogs, look for a protein with a high "biological value." The higher the value, the easier it will be for dogs to digest and absorb their nutrients. Protein with low biological value still meets the minimum requirement for dogs, although it can be harder to digest. That said, dog food with a high-protein label means that it’s formulated with the best protein sources like real meat, the most natural for dogs to consume.

A high-protein diet for dogs is certainly a good choice, but it must also match their breed, lifestyle, and life stage. Puppies require a higher amount of protein to ensure proper growth and development. Active adult dogs, on the other hand, need it for cell and tissue regeneration for more rapid muscle recovery and energy.

PEDIGREE® considered all of these factors when developing PEDIGREE® Pro High Protein for dogs. Designed by experts at Waltham—the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition—to ensure owners that the high-protein PEDIGREE® product line formulation with high amounts of protein from chicken gives dogs extra energy, extra strength, and extra goodness to keep them fit and healthy.

PEDIGREE® Pro High Protein for dogs is available for all life stages and breeds:

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