Benefits of High Protein Diet For Puppies

Benefits Of High Protein Dog Food For Puppies

It’s no argument that dogs are at their cutest and most energetic when they’re puppies. But it’s also at this time that you may want to consider giving them a high-protein diet for puppies. This is because they need more protein to grow into strong and healthy dogs. Compared to adult dogs that need about 18% protein, puppies require a whopping 22%.

High-protein puppy food can lead to many health benefits, including a healthier and shinier coat, lean muscle growth, and a stronger immune system. With the right amount of protein, your furbaby can reach their optimum development while also avoiding any lifelong health issues.

So, when it comes to choosing a puppy dog food with high protein, PEDIGREE® Pro High Protein for puppies can do the job and more. Its enhanced nutrition formulation contains additional nutrients to promote healthy growth in your puppy!

Our high-protein puppy food also contains DHA from fish oil, which helps in brain development; essential antioxidants, which boost the immunity system; and 6 essential nutrients, which promote heart health. Vitamin D, Calcium, and Phosphorus, on the other hand, are in charge of keeping their bones strong.

The protein requirement in puppies immediately increases after weaning, and they grow very fast in their first 6 months. This means that giving your puppy an early, healthy start with a high-protein diet for puppies surely makes them ready for many, many more playful years to come. Provide them with the extra energy, extra strength, and extra goodness that they deserve!

PEDIGREE® Pro High Protein for Puppies is now available to help you grow your furbaby with extra care!

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