PEDIGREE® Puppy Chicken, Egg and Milk Flavour
  • pdp_accordion_detail_block205PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

    Breast Milk contains many elements that support puppies' immune system and help them grow up with proper physical and congenital development. PEDIGREE Puppy is the right choice after mother's milk for puppies. It contains Zinc and Vitamin A to support healthy immune system, Calcium and Phosporus to support strng teeth and bones plus DHA and choline to nourish his nervous system. PEDIGREE Puppy helps him grow strong and enjoy all his puppy adventures.

  • pdp_accordion_detail_block205 INGREDIENTS

    Cereals (Rice, Corn, Wheat), Poultry and poultry by products, Soy Bean Products (Soy Bean Meal, Full fat soy bean), Oil (Palm, Chicken, Soy, Fish (Source of DHA)), Flavour, Wheat Flour, Minerals, Corn Gluten Meal, Iodised Salt, Vitamins, Dietary Fiber, Food Colouring, Preservative, Methionine, Egg Powder

  • pdp_accordion_detail_block205 NUTRITIONAL INFO

    Crude Protein 26%
    Crude Fat (min.) 10%
    Crude Fiber 5%
    Moisture 12%
  • pdp_accordion_detail_block205 FEEDING GUIDELINES

    Body Weight Gram per day
    5 kg 85 g
    10 kg 145 g
    20 kg 245 g
    30 kg 335 g
    40 kg 415 g
    50 kg 490 g


PEDIGREE® Puppy Chicken, Egg and Milk Flavour

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